Exploiting the Intel AMT Vulnerability with Burp Suite

On a somewhat recent engagement I discovered a number of open ports that I was not immediately familiar with. When this happens, I’ve found that it (almost) always pays to explore further… We can see that this range of ports is open on a number of hosts on this particular subnet. Additionally, as it turned out, there were many other hosts on other subnets also listening within this port range as well.


A more in-depth, nmap service scan provides us with more additional information about the service.

capture 2

A quick google search leads us to: https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00075&languageid=en-fr

Based on the httpd version number, all indications point to this host being vulnerable to CVE-2017-5689. Another nmap scan can validate this for us:


Now that we know our host is actually vulnerable the next step is figuring out how to exploit it. If you notice above, we can see that it says “…can be exploited by performing digest authentication and *sending a blank response*…”

Armed with this information, we can fire up Burp Suite and attempt to exploit the vulnerability. However, first, we need to hit the login page on our host:

capture 4

With Burp Suite now open AND “intercept” turned on (see below), we can input “admin” into the username field and click “ok”. We should see a response in the RAW data (see below)

capture 5

Next, we need to modify the “response” data and eliminate everything so that it’s blank:

capture 6

When we click the “Forward” button in Burp Suite (see bottom right of below screen shot), it should send our blank response back to the host and we should now be logged in – as seen here:

capture 7

Note: every time you switch between menu items within the AMT management console, you will need to blank out the digest response and “forward” the blank response back to the host – otherwise, you will be unable to navigate throughout the console. As a result, you’ll need to keep Burp Suite running side by site or easily accessible in the background.


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